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What is Pre Wedding Photography?

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo session which is done before 5 to 6 months of the wedding day. Pre-wedding photography is now the trendiest thing among the couples who get to be wed-locked. The beautiful concept of having pre-wedding photography comes from Asia and now it’s become popular all over the world. This is the time where the couple enjoys there moments and build chemistry. A pre-wedding session is a time for building romantic moments and helps you to enhance your chemistry with your life partner. On the wedding day, as the golden couple, you will busy with the huge marathon of traditions and rituals. So this is the time when you can live your moments and nobody can disturb you.

In Indian weddings, you would definitely choose to be dressed up in traditional dresses or heavy outfits. This may hectic for you and you can miss your personality as a couple. Therefore, you can choose a casual attire for your pre wedding shoot. This will help you to shine out as a couple and bring the beauty of your album.

Weddings are meant to go for rituals and customs. So, a wedding photographer will go for posy shots a couple of times. By having a pre wedding photoshoot, you can ask your pre wedding photographer for some quality candid shots while chilling and having fun with each other.

Pre wedding photoshoot gives the opportunity to be yourself. You can discuss with your partner and include your hobbies for a perfect photography session. For example, if you are a sporty person then running track, if you are a fitness freak then the gym is the perfect place for you. On the whole, a pre wedding photoshoot helps you a lot and you can have fun with each other. Not to be forgotten, your pre wedding photographer in Delhi will help you to create magical moments from your pre wedding photoshoot.

A pre wedding photoshoot helps the couples to be frank with the photographer and to be comfortable in front of the camera. If you are a shy person then this session will help you to overcome your inferiority. The pre wedding shoot is the time where you can build a relationship with your pre wedding photographer. As a couple, you can tell him about your wedding shoot ideas and also you can understand his photography style. This can help you to capture your love story more beautifully with the eye and lens of the photographer.destination wedding photographer in goa, destination wedding photographer in Delhi , destination wedding photographer

How to Plan a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

Delhi is the hub of Indian weddings. From the traditions and heritage of Indian society to the influence of modern western culture, you can have a perfect blend of different styles and cultures in Delhi weddings. Delhi is also a beautiful place for having a pre wedding shoot too. As modern couples want their love story to be captured without any hassle so that they can relive those moments. So, it is necessary to have a pre wedding photographer in Delhi. Being the top pre wedding photographer in Delhi, “Delhi Event Management” suggests you some points to be remembered while having a pre wedding shoot.

Good homework is the master key to having a great pre wedding photoshoot. The homework or research can be about the shoot locations, your wardrobes, themes and the most important is about your pre wedding photographer in Delhi. First is the theme. You can go through the internet and social media and choose some samples or pre wedding pictures. You can also note down the concept which you like the most. Now you can discuss them with your pre wedding photographer in Delhi. According to your budget and the style of your pre wedding photographer, you can finalize the pre wedding photoshoot theme. Make sure that this theme introduces well as a couple.

The theme is the soul of pre wedding photography after your love. So, it becomes important to choose the right theme for your pre wedding photo session. Some couples cut down their niche and just go with the flow or the latest trends whether it suits them or not. There is no such big issue while doing this. But the main matter is that photos will not tell about you as a couple or it does not reflect the real bond and emotions between you and your partner. So, think about this. And plan your theme according to you and your partner.

The perfect time for doing a pre wedding shoot is 3 or 4 months before the wedding day. Its helps your pre wedding photographer to finalize your final pictures and edit them to phrase them in one frame. Make sure that you will be on time on the day of a pre wedding shoot. Otherwise, it can spoil your pre wedding photo session. For example, if you choose the “Golden Hours” for your shoot and you are slightly late. Then you maybe miss the chance to be captured at the time of sunrise or sunset. This will waste your and you pre wedding photographer’s time also. So, be punctual and enjoy your pre wedding photoshoot.

Amazing Locations are the fun and critical part while planning a pre wedding photoshoot. As Delhi is known as “Dil Waalo ki Dilli“, there is a bunch of the monuments, cafes, gardens, heritages, resorts, and museums where you can have your pre wedding photo session. But this depends upon your pre wedding theme. You can have a deep conversation with your pre wedding photographer in Delhi and take some ideas from him. Then you can mix up the locations with your ideas and finalize the locations. This will help you to save your time and keep away to you from hassles. If you are a nature lover then you can choose parks and gardens, if you are vintage lovers- you can choose museums and historic monuments if you are a luxurious couple- you can choose resorts. Apart from that, you can use a different type of props like a smoke bomb, slates with the cheesy lines, your pets for a good pre wedding photo session. You can also have a candid shoot by using these amazing props. This will be a cherry on the cake for your golden memories.

Don’t rush towards the overlooking ideas like a sudden change in your hairstyle, bright hair colours or too much sharp dressing sense. It can spoil your pre wedding shoot. So avoid these things, be simple. And always try to look natural as you can. As the outcome, you will have a great picture.

Compatibility and Chemistry is the essence of a photograph. So, always keep in mind your partner’s wishes and ideas. It reflects your bond. Make sure that your partner is satisfied with the shoot and the ideas. Always ask for approval with your partner while deciding something.

Don’t compromise with your health. Bad health will affect your shoot. So eat something before coming to the shoot. And take proper water during the shoot. This will keep away from dehydration. Have a proper rest before your pre-wedding shoot. So that you are relaxed and fresh during the photo session.

Either you have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, all you want is to spend some time and wanna know each other as a couple. A pre-wedding shoot is a time when you spend quality time with your partner, and there is no one to disturb your privacy. So you can plan a romantic date with your partner and feel the real beauty of love. As the date location will be your favourite one. So you can have a photo session after the date. This will enhance the charming beauty of your pre-wedding album. Coming up for a conclusion, a pre-wedding photoshoot gives special attention to your partner, gives a special and romantic vibe as a couple. It is the celebration time for being with each other for the whole life. A pre-wedding photographer helps you to capture these moments and make memories to be cherished forever.

Why Choose “Delhi Event Management” as Your Pre Wedding photographer in Delhi?

Hopefully, these above tips help you to plan your pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. If you are a couple to be getting hitched soon and looking for a pre-wedding photographer in Delhi, Delhi Event Management is the right choice for you. We have an experience of than 60 years in the wedding photography industry. We have a creative and mind-boggling team of the best pre-wedding and wedding photographers in Delhi who will capture your pre-wedding shoot in the most beautiful and amazing way. We are the kings of planning a buffet of unique pre-wedding ideas and execute them with full efficiency during your pre-wedding session. As a result, you will get high-quality photographs but the most important memories you and your partner. We ultimately believe in capturing a pre-wedding in its true character with all the raw and real emotions. Our team is a strong believer in telling stories about the bond and chemistry between the couples. Delhi Event Management and team fulfil the fantasy of the happy ending which every couple has always wanted in terms of memories and emotions. We work with the perfect mix of our client’s demand and our experience and unique idea. This is our aim to serve a valuable and eye worthy work to our clients. Our work in the direction of our client’s satisfaction is what makes us the trendiest pre-wedding photographer in Delhi.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Delhi
Everybody dreams to plan a destination wedding of their choice. A destination wedding is an opportunity for a couple to celebrate their precious moment at a gorgeous location far away from home and take all the guests to a celebration, where everybody is together just to celebrate great moments. But thinking about destination wedding it’s necessary to confirm that you hire the best destination wedding photographer so that family member and your closet friends are properly covered. You want also to capture those precious moments in your heart forever as destination weddings take a lot of planning, and when you that planning in your wedding memories, you feel that you achieved your biggest day in flair and style. So, You spend a lot of time to hire top destination wedding photographer so that You can see those memorable moments in the future in your living room forever. Best Destination photographer will take all the wonderful moments and weave your wedding stories like a Bollywood movie with all the flavours, the flamboyance and the taste.
Destination Wedding Photography in Goa
Photography is that source by which a photographer accumulate your memorable moments for a lifetime. Best destination photographer would represent everything which is necessary for good photography like romance, fun and emotions by their storytelling photography. If you are thinking of the best destination wedding photographer then you are at the right place. Delhi Event Management provides photography services in all over in India e.g Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Meerut, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi and Faridabad. Delhi Event Management also follows all those activities which become a best and unique destination wedding photographer in India. We understand your requirement and We also consider your comfort since we know what is the importance of that day for you.