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Sangeet Night is mainly related to Indian Weddings, that’s prepared before at some point of wedding and on occasion, Sangeet Night and mehndi nights is prepared together. Orchestra, Devi Jagran, Bhajan Sandhya & Ladies Sangeet in Agra, Orchestra, Devi Jagran, Bhajan Sandhya, Ladies Sangeet & Delhi Events in delhi Agra

Sangeet Night is organized in bride as well groom’s home. On these days all the close family of the bride and groom’s own family gather at their homes. In older instances, this day become specifically related to girls. Indian conventional wedding ceremony songs have been sung by way of ladies and they were extensively utilized to perform a dance on the songs of the one.

Now the time has modified. Nowadays guys also participate in this feature. Now there may be a fashion of DJs and Dhols. Bollywood songs are performed on DJ. Dhol walas are called and all the loved ones dance and enjoy the Sangeet Night loads. Every religion in India has an exclusive culture and customs and primarily based on that they have fun this night like Gujratis have their personal conventional songs and dances like Garbha, Dandiya and Bhangra is most well-known in Punjabis. Like the identical, every religion in India has a good time this special night time as consistent with their lifestyle and lifestyle. Delhi Wedding Events

Sangeet Function Planners, Live music and Orchestra

Food Menus for Indian wedding Like weddings, Indians love to be extravagant with their taste buds too. Hence, at weddings, you can see an assortment of food items of every type and taste. But often deciding on a particular menu becomes a big deal. Here’s a list of some of the Indian wedding menus for you to know and lock on. India is a land of vivid culture and its exemplary dishes. So pertaining to the culture you belong you can keep an elaborate menu that suits every taste bud. Gujarati Wedding. Delhi Event Creator has focused on delivering high-quality Meetings, conferences, Conferences, Events, Weddings in and around India. High-quality services provided by Delhi Event Creator are indispensable for outstanding events. We guarantee full on-site management of organised events, starting with preparation, through event organisation, till the final accounting.
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These Sangeet Nights are not handiest restrained to the circle of relatives individuals and relatives.providing an enormous collection of services comprising Event Management, Wedding Event Management, Theme Party Organizer, Corporate Event Management, Catering Services, DJ Night Party Organizer, Stage Show Organizer, Bachelor Party Planner, Religious Event Management, Cultural Event Organizer and Fundraisers Event Management. This personnel render these services with supreme precision, consistency and perfection in the specified period of time. In addition to this, the economical rates at which we are rendering these services make these highly praised.
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When it comes to event management in your mind then Delhi Event Management company is your answer. As a part of our highly passion-driven and dedicated approach, we provide complete event management services inclusive of event design, teamwork, event production to make your event a big success.

We provide complete Event Management services that have not been experienced in the industry at affordable rates. Our first priority is the client’s satisfaction. We firstly focus on what the requirements are after that we involve our creative and innovative ideas to make the event a memorable one. Our commitment to success is shown through creative innovation and logistical strategy. Our experience and reputation for excellent customer service and returns on investment make us stand out for the competition. Wedding Events Management Services, Delhi, India
Indian weddings are world-famous for their unique customs and rituals, so wedding event management services should also be unique. Our company propose your innovative thoughts and coordinate all the logistical information. Our team assist you easily through wedding etiquette, layout principles, themes, traditions budget-making plans and plenty extra. One of the most talked-about pre-wedding events, the Sangeet is a celebration of coming together of the two families in the union of their children. The ceremony offers respite from all the hectic seriousness of the wedding preparations. Women of the family get together several days before the wedding day with dolaks and spoons, surround the bride and sing traditional wedding songs. Subjects of the song range from about daily life of women to teasing the bride about her upcoming wedding and her groom. Some referred to the dreams and hopes of the bride who is parting from her family while some tell of the pain parents goes through while sending their daughter off to her in-laws. The groom is referred to as Banna in these songs whereas the groom is known as Banni or Banno. Popular traditional songs include ‘Mehendini Mehendi’, ‘Lathe di Chadar’, ‘Laung Gawacha’ and ‘Kala Doriyaan’. There would be dancing as well, with the women of the household dancing away along with the bride participating with gusto. Previously, it used to last for a few days, but nowadays its mostly one day, and sometimes one evening.

Although the Sangeet ceremony is observed by most north Indian communities, it is most popular among Punjabis and Gujaratis. The traditional Punjabi sangeet generally includes performances of Bhangra and singing of Gidda songs. The Gujarati Sangeet ceremony is often accompanied by performances of Garba, the traditional dance of Gujarat that involves women in brightly coloured Ghaghra cholis, clapping their hands keeping in tune with the music and moving in circles.

Then and Now

Weddings in India have gone from being this austere and sacred ceremony signifying the union of two souls, to pomp and show. As the glam quotient of Indian weddings rose, the sangeet ceremony evolved into the focal point of the pre-wedding celebration. The days of singing simple traditional songs about Banna-Banni with dolaks, spoons and harmonium, are over. It’s not just an assembly of women, singing songs and teasing the bride, but a painstakingly planned event that is an elaborate and extravagant affair nowadays. The participation is not just restricted to the bride’s family, and women. Nowadays, wedding planners, event management companies and choreographers are involved to provide a seamless experience. Sometimes there is a set theme for the event. It may be Casino night, where the event includes setting up of card game stands where you can play using fake chips. Another popular theme may be Disco, where the guests have a set dress-code as 80s disco icons. Or maybe an Indian Princess theme, where the stage is set like a castle on Rajasthan.

Sangeet nowadays is celebrated by both the bride’s and the groom’s family together at a common venue. A grand stage is set where the performances take place. The choreographers teach cool dance steps to the entire relative. The relative performs in pairs or in groups. Generally, the bride’s and groom’s parents have a set. Several sets of uncle and aunties from each side also prepare dance performances to popular Bollywood tunes. The sisters and brothers from each side will generally dance in groups or will perform skits. Even the bride and the groom take part in the performance, dancing to romantic numbers. DJs are hired to create an ambience where guest can dance their hearts out. In over the top NRI or uber-rich businessman weddings, Bollywood celebrities are hired by the event management companies to dance at the event. Some even hire famous musicians and singers to present beautiful melodic performances.

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Delhi Event Management Company is dedicated to creating unforgettable & amazing experiences with our innovative and personalized wedding planning services

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The mission of Delhi Event Management is to provide the highest level of event planning services while maintaining extraordinary customer services.
Wedding Mehndi Night Ceremony Services
In Indian cultures, a wedding isn’t simply one “massive day”—it is a series of celebrations going on before and after the couple exchanges vows. The Mehndi birthday party is one of the maximum colourful and important of the parties.

Mehndi isn’t just for style.

There’s a purpose the party occurs so near the ceremony: Tradition says the deeper the colour of the bride’s mehndi, the happier the bride and groom’s marriage can be. Designs signify various blessings, good fortune, joy, and love, All says, adding that the groom’s call is generally hidden somewhere inside the intricate styles.

You’ll in all likelihood get mehndi carried out, too.

Guests can regularly choose to have henna carried out—although less problematic than the bride’s—so consider of etiquette. “If you have become henna applied, don’t hog the show—hold it confined to 1 layout and one appendage! Let each person have their threat.

These days humans name upon well-known celebrities, dance groups and conventional singing corporations to provide special performances on this day. And rather than celebrating the Sangeet Night at home they ebook farmhouses, motels or any open space or resorts.
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We offer a range of Host/ Hostesses in various grading for Wedding, Exhibitions Event, Promotion, various other activities as per client requirements.

It is very crucial for any company to be presented in the market with the right source in their activities for better projection and representation of their brand. We Provide Manpower in terms of Managing Ushers, Emcees ( M.C’s ), Hostesses, Host, Promoters, Artist for Conferences, Seminars, Events, Promotional Campaigns, Road Shows etc. Besides Complete Execution & Production of Events, exhibition, promotion and other activities in India. We offer grandes of people to suit your requirements in terms of quality and budget of manpower.

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“Delhi Event Delhi” have been engaged in the field of Wedding Planning & other Event Management Services. Our gamut of services includes Wedding Planning, customised Concepts and Theme Creation, Travel Management, Venue & Accommodation Arrangements, Sangeet Ceremony Arrangements (that includes Show Choreography, Speciality Artists’ Arrangements, and complete Musical Journey- Light – Sound, Anchoring etc.), Celebrity Management, Gala dinners, Corporate events, Concerts, Exhibition Management and all other Wedding, Corporate & Fashion Event-related Services. All these services provided by us are perfectly suited for different applications and can be availed at industry leading prices. Our services are timely executed, prompt and reliable. Over the years, we have expanded our business domain and rendered high-quality event management services to the clients. The diligent team of professionals hired by us ensures that rigorous quality control measures are adopted and followed for providing excellent quality services. Besides, we offer customized solutions for our services as per the diverse needs of the customers.

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we are the best organiser of Gujarati wedding
Gujarat is known for its great culture, and delicious vegetarian food. All of these traits come together during a typical Gujarati wedding where the union of two souls is not just a bunch of ancient ritual, but a true celebration. There will hardly be a dull moment, with multiple pre and post-wedding rituals, vivacious dancing and adherence to tradition. The sheer warmth of the hosts and their careful attention to detail for your comfort is sure to win your heart. It is a two or three day’s affair with multiple rituals observed through each day. If you can imagine a wedding full of fun and frolic without being over the top showy affair; then you must have experienced a true Gujarati Wedding. Let’s take a peek at the various Gujarati wedding traditions.

Chandlo Matli – This function is performed when the marriage gets fixed between the two families. Father of the bride along with four other male members of his family visits the groom’s home and applies Chandlo – a red circle made of vermillion at the centre of the forehead. They bless the groom and offer him Shagun, a token gift.

Gol Dhana – The words Gol Dhana or Gor Dhana literally translates into Coriander seeds and Jaggery. This ritual is observed a couple of days before the wedding and is akin to the engagement ceremony in other cultures. The bride’s family visits the groom’s family and presents them with gifts of sweets and savouries in traditional containers known as matlis. The bride and the groom exchange rings. Five married women, each from the bride’s and groom’s family, take turns and bless the couple-to-be for a happy married life. Generally, a small feast is arranged for members of the two families.

Mandap Mahurat – This ritual is observed to officially kick-off the wedding. This is observed in both the bride’s and the groom’s places but separately. The priest performs puja at the house especially praying to Lord Ganesha and seeking his blessings to remove all obstacles from the couple’s paths before their impending union.

Griha Shanti – This is also another puja performed by the priest to address all the obstacles presented by adverse planetary positions according to the bride and groom’s horoscopes. The priest offers appeasement to the Gods and seeks their assistance to smooth out any obstacle in the conjugal life of the couple-to-be.

Mehendi –The Mehendi ceremony is generally observed two days prior to the wedding day. Henna paste is applied on the bride’s hands and feet in detailed intricate patterns. The initials of the groom are incorporated into the design somehow. Other women in the family also get their hands and feet painted with henna. Wedding songs are sung by women at the venue during Mehendi ceremony.

Sangeet Sandhya or Sanji – This ceremony is observed during the evening a day prior to the wedding. Both the bride’s and the groom’s family come together at a common venue and perform songs and dance routines, especially traditional Raas or Dandiya and Garba dances. The ritual presents an informal setting for the two families to get to know each other well.

Pithi – This ceremony takes place separately at the bride’s and groom’s places separately the day before the wedding. The bride/groom sits on a low stool or bajat with their palms upturned, and a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, rosewater, herbs and mogra attar or perfume is applied to their face, hands and feet. The Pithi is generally prepared by the bride/groom’s paternal uncle’s wife or Kaki. The bride/groom is then bathed with water.

Mameru or Mosalu – This is an event where the groom’s maternal uncle or Mama along with his maternal aunt’s husband or Mousa goes to the bride’s house and present her with gifts like traditional Paanetar Saree, Jewelry, Wedding Bangles or Chooda made from ivory, sweets and dry fruits in beautifully wrapped boxes. This custom takes place the day before the wedding.

Jaan – The next ritual is known as ‘Jaan’ and it is performed to ward off any evil. It is quite interesting as the groom visits the bride place and touches his mother in law’s feet to seek blessings.

Wedding Attire

The Gujarati Groom usually wears Dhoti and Kurta for the wedding day. Although modern-day grooms also prefer to wear Sherwanis and other Indo-western Style Kurtas. They almost always wear a colourful, bandhani work dupatta around his neck. He almost always wears a matching turban on his head embellished with pearls and other precious stones.

The Gujarati bride typically wears a traditional saree which may either be a Panetaar or a Garchola on her wedding day. Panetar sarees are generally white in colour with a bright red border typically made of Gajji silk. The saree and the border are often embellished with zari threadwork and stone embellishment making the saree quite heavy. It is gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle. The Gharchola is usually a silk saree in rich red or maroon colour with zari threads and bandhani work and is usually gifted from the groom’s side as a symbol of acceptance. The draping of the saree is typical for a Gujarati bride with the Pallu draped in the front fanned out over the blouse. The bride generally wears the Panetaar saree during the initial rituals of the wedding while she wears the Gharchola for the later wedding customs. She wears embellished bindis on her forehead over her eyebrows. The bride wears a host of jewellery to set off her bridal beauty like Gala no har, kan ni butti, Nathn), Bajubandh, with Bangadiand Patla, Chandlo and Chadda.

Varghodo – The word refers to the wedding procession where the groom travels to the bride’s house. The groom arrives at the bride’s place on a horse and his relatives walk with him while dancing with music and band. Crackers are set off along with fireworks.

Ponkvu –This custom refers to welcoming of the groom by the bride’s family. The groom arrives and he is met with by the bridal party including the bride’s mother who performs and aarti, applies tika on his forehead and pulls him inside by trying to grab the groom’s nose which he playfully tries to evade.
Jaimala – During this ritual, the bride and groom are introduced formally for the first time. They exchange garlands twice, first time of which the groom has to stand on a stool so that he is standing on higher ground, and for the second round he steps down and they are on equal ground.

Madhuparka – After the Jaimala, the groom is led to the wedding mandap by his mother-in-law. His feet are then washed with milk and water. He is then offered a drink containing five sacred ingredients, milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, and sugar, known as the Panchamrut. During this, the sisters of the bride try to steal the groom’s shoes, known as ‘Juta Churai’.

Antarpaat – The bride is led to the wedding mandap by her maternal uncle and an opaque cloth is placed between the bride and the groom to prevent them from seeing each other. This is known as antarpaat.

Kanya Daan – Before offering his daughter to the groom, the father of the bride washes the feet of the groom. He then places the hands of his daughter on that of the groom, thereby entrusting her happiness to him from now on.

Hasta Milap – The priest unites the groom’s shawl and end of the bride’s saree while chanting sacred verses from the scriptures. This along with the united hands of the couple is known as Hasta Milap.

Mangal Pheras – The bride and the groom, with their garments tied, stand up and make four circles around the sacred fire, each for the four goals of human life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The priest chants verses from the scriptures asking the couple to repeat them.

Saptapadi – The bride is made to touch seven betel nuts placed at regular intervals along a straight line with her right toe. The groom helps her during this task. The bride and the groom then recite the seven sacred vows during this ritual.

Sindoor Daan – The groom puts vermillion on the bride’s hair parting and ties the mangalsutra around her neck.

Kansar – The bride and groom feed each other with sweets at the end of the ceremony.

Saubhagyavati Bhava – Seven married women are invited to bless the couple. While blessing the bride, these seven women utter the three words, Akhanda Sauvagyavati Bhava, meaning may your married glory remain forever.

Chero Pakaryo – A fun-filled ritual where the groom tugs at the saree of his mother-in-law as a way of asking the bride’s family for gifts.

Ashirwad – The couple asks for blessings from all the elders of both the families.

Reception – The reception is thrown in the honour of the newlyweds, where the relatives gather together for a feast. They come and greet the couple each offering a gift.

Vidaai – at the end of the reception, it is time for the bride to bid a tearful goodbye to her paternal residence and start for her husband’s house.

Ghar nu Laxmi – The bride finally reaches her husband’s house where she is warmly welcomed. She is considered Ghar nu Laxmi, or a bearer of luck and fortune for her family. The mother-in-law does her arti and applies tike to her new daughter-in-law. The bride enters the house after knocking down a vessel filled up to the brim with rice.

Aeki Beki – the newlywed couple is then made to play a game called Aeki Beki where several coins and a ring are placed in a tray of water covered by milk and vermilion. The couple has to find the ring from the vessel. It is believed that whoever finds the ring four times first, will be in control of the family.

Ladies Sangeet
Delhi Events is an event management company like no other across India. Being the best ladies sangeet organisers in India, we manage Ladies sangeet event and provide the following professional artists which include ladies sangeet singers in Agra, Mehandi ki Raat singer south Agra, orchestra best singers in Agra, Punjabi singers, Marwari singers, and many more related singers to make your ladies sangeet as exciting as possible. We pride ourselves in getting your ladies sangeet perfect, ensuring that all your individual needs and wishes for ladies sangeet are met down to the very last detail with Delhi Events.

We have been doing and organising the same for all the regions like Punjabi, Sikh, Baniya, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Marwari, Muslim, Jain Families and all north Indian communities. Ladies sangeet is a vital part of the traditional pre-wedding celebration in the Indian culture. Our top-notch singers will perform traditional as well as Hindi songs including Punjabi songs, Marwari songs, Rajasthani songs, Tel Bhaat songs, Mehndi songs, Banna Banni songs, according to your request. Now you can hire ladies sangeet singers in Agra NCR for ladies sangeet parties at Delhi Events. From managing ladies sangeet ideas to providing choreographer for sangeet and anchor for ladies sangeet, we do it all with professionalism.

Our artists also play dholki, harmonium and many more instruments in the events. All that we request is that you just sing, clap and dance along whenever the mood takes you to the beet and enjoy the evenings. If your friends and family members also wish to take the microphone and sing their favourite songs, they can do the same it will make the evening even more memorable. Indeed it is also now common for men and women to have to be invited on such occasions, although the singing is still generally left to the ladies and girls.

Our team has 20 years of experience in the history in providing the world-class singers for a wedding in Agra NCR & singers for Ladies sangeet with the band and for other party events. We make your wedding function as memorable and unforgettable as possible. We walk with you throughout the whole journey to make it a simple and stress-free process from start to the end. We will be delighted to help you in making your journey simple and hassle-free with Delhi Events. We believe in turning your imagination into reality.

Mehndi Singers

Mehndi ki Raat is an Indian equivalent of a bridal shower. It’s a time when Bride gets to spend the time of fun and relaxation with her family and friends, gorgeous designs are applied by well-trained mehndi artist on the hands and feet of the glowing bride. Hence we make it a night full of music and full entertainment by providing the best singers for mehndi ki Raat. This is an awesome function when all the family and friends get together for an all-night of entertainment and enjoyment.

Punjabi Folk Singers
Being the top wedding music and entertainment planners, we offer the best Punjabi singer in Agra to make your days more special and as memorable as possible. We provide Punjabi singers for Sagun de geet in Agra NCR, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and many more places. It’s our responsibility to provide the best ladies sangeet singers in Agra NCR, Noida, Greater Noida and many more locations for the following Punjabi folk songs including Sagan de geet, Tappe, Boliiya, sehra de geet, old films songs, shuhag de geet, ghori de geet, Giddha, Bhangra dancers and many traditional Punjabi wedding songs/Boliyan.

Traditional Folk Geet with Dholaki
Raat jagga is an important part of the wedding festivities. During this pre-wedding event, the ladies of the house sing traditional folk geets with dholak all night and craft auspicious symbols like a Swastik on the wall or on the white wooden board. They are often made with fresh cow dung. Earthen pots along with other things are kept near these. The ladies pray and sing the traditional song throughout the night to deviate the evils away from the bride.

Banna Bani Geet
Delhi Events reckoned as one of the most appreciated and highly demanded wedding services provider firms specialise in providing Banna Banni singers in Agra. We have male and female Singers, Dancers, Emcee (Anchor), Choreographers who perform on Banna Banni songs, geet and many more different music with Dholak for all communities like Punjabi, Baniya, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Marwari, Jain and all North Indian communities. We provide our services across all the regions.

Interested Doing Event with Delhi Events?
We provide high standard Orchestra, Devi Jagran, Bhajan Sandhya & Ladies Sangeet, etc.

A big fat wedding has everything in it from cuisines to Destination Wedding Planners and mesmerizing ambience. But it’s the music that sets the mood and gets people grooving off their feet.

Event organizers for ladies sangeet – Get ready for the party because it’s a sangeet night. Of course, sangeet night is a unique night that comes a few days before the wedding. To celebrate the wedding more cheerfully, a lady sangeet is held at an Indian wedding. So, if you want to hire the event organizers for ladies sangeet then we are here for you. Scroll down.

Event Organisers For Ladies Sangeet
We’ll help you with crafting the best sangeet ceremony ideas for weddings. With which, you can make the sangeet night more creative and entertaining. Further, our best services and experienced team will arrange every tool needed to make such. That is why Delhi Event comes at the top event organizers for Ladies Sangeet. Read the article below and call us at 8448106669 for more.

Sangeet event ideas
The ladies sangeet ceremony is the most cheerful part of the lady’s sangeet at Indian weddings. A function where all the family, friends, relatives, and neighbours gather around to cheer for the new couple. Further, with entertainments in different ways to look forward and celebrate the night. The inflexibility of the lady sangeet can be performed in several manners. Here, we list some of the best entertainment ideas for the sangeet night below.

Plan a theme
Planning a particular theme for the sangeet ceremony could be a more romantic and entertaining idea. To make your sangeet night more sparkly and memorable then create a theme. Themes like Casino, Carnival, Disney, etc. with which you must select the dress code, food, decor, and activities. Importantly, request your guests to go along with it. As if they did, then the party is going really to be a better one.

Plan a theme
Hire entertainers
Hiring the entertainer can make your night more comical. Imagine hiring a magician, comedian, singer, dancer, etc. can make the night interesting. Certainly, whatever the entertainer you hire will add different flavours in the night by making it more special.

Hire entertainers
Conduct a quiz
Well, the quiz is not only for education but can be celebrated at weddings. To make a fun moment of asking questions about each other. Further, the part of asking questions will be very funny and attentive. Questions like favourite things, hobbies, do’s and don’ts’ etc. Such questions will not just take a moment but define each other’s preferences.

Conduct a quiz
Award night

When everyone is done with dance performances, activities, and enjoyment, the award-giving part must be announced. Consequently, this will add some fun. With the awards like Drama queen, trouble maker, Mr Mischief, Ms Pataka, etc. Or you can make it more attractive by giving gifts for meaningful reasons.

Award night
Photo session
The photo booth will be going the best one because of the photo’s capture the memories. So, it is important for you to decor the area where the guests come and have pictures in silly poses. Also, you can add artificial accessories. The accessories will be according to the theme you choose and place it covers. Further, upload, share and enjoy the pictures afterwards.

Photo session
Services provided
Organizing the wedding even bring responsibilities to go with. But ceremonies like lady sangeet and Mehendi where guests come to dance and cheer. Importantly, the ladies sangeet function is not just the best one but also a special one for the visitors and the couple as well. To make everyone comfortable and active the event organizers in Delhi plan services for everyone. Here, we’ve defined the services you’ll get on the sangeet night below.

The wedding caterers will be there for you all the time so that the guests may not face hunger and left.
Sangeet ceremonies are great and to make it entertaining, there will be the DJ snake for the guests to get entertained full time.
A big stage for the dance will be provided for you to perform on.
Every music you wish will be there.
The photographer and videographer’s tool will be on till the ending.
Catering services that consist of different snacks for visitors to stay active.
Decoration will be great to have the pictures with.
Accommodation services will be served for visitors to stay and relax.
Managers will take care of your needs and fulfil the requirements on time.
Why choose delhi event management?
Being as the best event organizers for ladies sangeet, we at Delhi Event stand for you. To make the event hesitation-free, we bring the team of professionals to care for. Further, our team will never pressurize you anyhow.

Professional team
Friendly staff
Affordable services
Strong network
All-time customer support
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