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We are Punjabi Dhol Player In Delhi who takes the full guarantee to make your party traditionally awesome by providing the best dhol services. We, Punjabi Dhol On Call are fully dedicated to our clients and so we are the platform that provides amazingly high quality of dhol services. What makes us stand out from the similar dhol service providing platform is that we do not bluff, we provide exactly what we say. There are several reasons that today we are a leading platform in the dhol providing services. The most important ones are described in brief below.

No Cheats

This is our first priority that we do not cheat or deceive our customers in any way. If we have promised to bring twenty dhol players on your event, we make sure that none of the players is missing out. In case if we are unable to provide what we promise for, we inform our clients beforehand. But usually, this does not happen as we always keep back up plans for each and everything.


We, Punjabi Dhol on Call have been in the industry for a really long time. So due to this, our experience has made us fully aware of the expectations and desires of clients in the realm of Dhol services. This is why we know what our clients want and so our services have a variety of dhol players. People today are specific whether they want a nagara or dhol and what type of beats they want. We know all these intricate details and have a variety in this realm. This exceptional quality of ours makes us the preferred ones.

Value For Time

We value our customers’ time. We make sure that we are at the exact time at the venue that is decided by our customers. Timing is very important in events. Who would want to get entertained with the dhol beats too early or too soon? This kills the mood of every occasion and disappoints the guests as well. Even if we arrive early we know when to play and what to play when the awesome ‘dhol beats’ are concerned. Our artists know what would attract the guests and so they perform accordingly.

Available 365 Days

We are not a platform who is available only during the times of festive or wedding season. No matter what the occasion is and what time of the year it is, we are just a call away. Yes, one needs to do advance booking for availing Punjabi dhol services in Delhi during the wedding seasons but otherwise one can avail of our services at any time of the year. Be it a birthday celebration or your success party, our dhol services always takes the fun and energy of your event higher.

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20+ Years Experience
We are one of the finest Punjabi Dhol Players in India and we are providing the dhol services for every occasion. It Is not only weddings that need awesome dhol and dancers but any event can go many notches higher in terms of excitement and thrill if dhol services are involved here. Our platform, Punjabi Dhol On Call is a special service provider in this realm because we provide an unparalleled level of service. Some of our services ar listed below.

The Best Dhol

Our dhol is the best because they are of the finest quality. The players have been trained in this art form like twelve years. You can now very well imagine the quality and talent which our dhol players have. When they play the dhols, it becomes impossible for the attendees to stop themselves from grooving into the awesome dhol beats. In addition to this, our dhol players have charming personalities and they adorn it with awesome dresses. Their turbans and jewellery stay at pint even when they play the loudest and fastest beats. The repertoire which they have is something which you will not hear at every party. They prepare special and different performances for every occasion. This means that you will surely experience something new when you will involve us in the dhol services. The cliché beats are just not our thing.

Russian Dhol Players

If you have ever imagined the beauties of Russia playing the dhol at your party then now it can happen. We have trained the Russian girls in this dhol playing art. When these gorgeous girls are dressed in Indian attires and play energetic dhol beats, then there is nothing that can match the aura. Both the eyes and the ears experience the best.

Bhangra Dancers

Dhol is just incomplete without dancers. This is why we have trained Bhangra dancers along with the dhol services that we provide. These dancers are talented and are best known for their energetic moves. It is hard for the guests to control themselves when the dancer’s groove with the thrilling dhol beats in complete synchronization. Our dancers are tall and they know each and every trick to involve the guests in their dancing. They even go to the guests and involve them in the dance realm in the occasions. Moreover, they also perform special stunts while dancing which is a complete entertainment for the guests attending your event. Their stunts are one of the most eye-catching parts of their whole performance. In fact, our Bhangra dancers are known for their stunt performances. Some of the stunts include lifting heavy wheels, passing through fireballs while dancing and forming large pyramids. If you avail of our services, we assure you that your event will unfold in the best form in the realm of entertainment.