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Shehnai Player (Wedding Music Delhi ). The musical mark of any wedding is the shehnai which from ages has been signifying the marriage rituals and is a wanted “Shehnai Player, Wedding Music Shehnai Player, Wedding Vendors Shehnai Player, weddings Shehnai Player, wedding Shehnai Player, Wedding Music Delhi, Wedding Music East Delhi, weddings Delhi, Wedding Vendors Delhi, Wedding Vendors East Delhi, weddings East Delhi, Shehnai artists are available for Campus, Charity, Concert/ Festival, Corporate, Exhibition, Fashion Show, Inauguration, Kids Party, Photo/ Video Shoot, Private Party, Professional Hiring, Religious, Restaurant, Wedding, we also deal in Carnival Dancers, Tanoura Dancers, Fire Dancers, Pole Dancers, Salsa Dancers, Bubble Dancers, Laser Angel Show, Moulin Rouge Dancers, Flash Mob Dancers, Hula Hoop, Martini Girl Act, Champagne Chandelier, Table Hostess, Item Performer

Shehnai Player
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We have also all kind of “A” Grade trained and famous Artist/instrument player’s, like Book Shehnai Player in Delhi. Sitar, Sarangi, Santoor, Shehnai, Sarod, Flute, Violin, Israj, Guitar, Dhol, Nagada, Tabla, Dholak, Pakhawaj

Delhi Event ManagementThere is an extensive array of the entertainment options available to make a selection. In the present times, to ensure events success to select something out of the box is always appreciated.

Shehnai is an incredible instrument with those calming and soothing notes. The Shehnai has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries and is often played at various occasions like wedding and other festive occasions. If one wants to add up something extraordinary to their event then Shehnai Players will certainly be the perfect choice to entertain everyone present at the event. The soothing music of the Shehnai will definitely charm the guests and allow them to share the joy.

Delhi Event Management is a renowned company that offers Shehnai Players Service. We are professional Shehnai Players who have the vision to give our best every time we perform. We have performed at various major events and are available to perform across the country and abroad. The Shehnai Players reach the venue before and amaze the audience with their fascinating musical performance and make the event celebrations memorable.

When it comes to hiring professional Shehnai Players for the wedding and other big events Delhi Event Management is the first choice. We endeavour to provide the highest quality of the Shehnai Playing services to the clients. If interested in booking Shehnai Players for your wedding or another event then contact Delhi Event Management – The Choice of Millions!!

We will help you book any International Artist as per your requirement from Stand up Comedians, Bollywood and reality show singers, DJ’s, Dancers, Celebrities, Item performers, Devotional Singers, Ghazal Singers, Dhollis, Foreign Dancers, Acrobats, Magicians, Jugglers, Hosts & Hostesses, Manpower, to Emcees etc. Whatever you are looking for in the way of Entertainment requirements we have it all here! We supply artists all over the world. We act as an interface between the client and artistes and make certain all details are covered and thus ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. The Artist On Call has been successful in providing entertainment at Weddings, corporate shows, dealers meet, conferences, gala dinners, nightclubs, private parties etc. We Have “A” Grade artists who can play classical music, fusion, jazz music, light music and Regional & film songs. Instrumental Music, solo Performance, and accompany with shehnai or other Instruments.

We manage artist in India and overseas to make your event memorable and great one – feel free to contact: +91-9928686346

The musical mark of any wedding is the shehnai which from ages has been signifying the marriage rituals and is a wanted custom nowadays. Shehnai is an integral part of the Indian culture for centuries and to keep this traditional practice alive, Shehnai Player has been inputting artists who play the authentic sounds of the celebration. Shehnai Player offers you with some of the basic and equally impressive services, adding the musical element to your evening. They provide Traditional music, Tabla, Dhol, Singer, Shehnai players. Shehnai Player has Played for So many auspicious occasions Like Marriage ceremony, Birthday party, sagan Party, Religious occasions, corporate parties or National events in India And oversees, our stylish uniform and colourful Safa, Pagdi give Artist royal look to their personality and style.

Shehnai Players in Delhi
We at Delhi Event Management strive hard to bring our age-old musical instrument, Shehnai to the forefront. Played on a variety of auspicious occasions, this musical instrument is an inherent part of our culture and traditions. Be it any occasion, you can hire highly talented and experienced Shehnai players using our services and make the event memorable than ever.

Musical shehnai team

We bring the best and most talented world-class shehnai players in Delhi. Our shehnai players are adding shine and shimmer with their musical presence at various events and functions in Delhi. The popularity and growing demand of shehnai players could be felt by simply looking at the diversified audience it captures and the kind of love and acceptance it has received.

We started providing Shehnai playing services from the time when entertainment sources were limited. We have employed the finest Shehnai Players in our Group, one who shares our vision and give their best every time they perform. Our stylish uniform and colourful Safa, Pagdi gives the artist a royal look to their personality and style. Delhi Event Management was founded on the principle that the music we play can have a profound effect on the most important events in people life’s, and should be musically and visually exciting, leading to an entertaining experience.

shehnai Music
Our team of shehnai players has a perfect mix of experienced & talented Shehnai players along with experimental & enthusiastic young players. Our shehnai players have gone to every nook and corner of the city to create a musical aura. The scope and talent of our shehnai players are not limited to one or two occasions. Rather shehnai is well suited with the mood of every kind of event. In events like wedding & pre-wedding musical nights, cross-cultural events & exhibitions, inaugurations, devotional events & corporate events, our shehnai players play in a group of 4-6 accompanied with other musical instrument players and create a magical aura. Decked in traditional sherwani and Jaipuri Safa, the Shehnai players leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience with their talent.
Key Insights:
Shehnai Players offered for all functions such as Marriages, House Warming or Griha Pravesh & many more.
Quality Music & Instruments quality will provide pleasant music.
Based on your requirements number of sets will be provided.
Our Promise:
Certified and Professional Players guaranteed.
Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
Professional Guidance & Support.
Best Price in the Market.

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