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Bioscope depicts the inner meaning of moving images. It is a story about Diwakaran and what became his very close friend, the bioscope. Travelling through villages, he erected tents and screened early film strips using a projector, known at the time as bioscope.we are available for the annual event, antique, arts culture and entertainment, bioscope, boy, carnival, celebration, child, childhood, craft mela.
How did Diwakarans inner self start burning like a furnace? How were these early moving images received in the interior villages at the dawn of the 20th century, before the first film was made in Kerala? Bioscope takes us to that realm where history, dreams and memories come together.

PAINTED WOODEN MADE BIOSCOPE We are manufacturer of Bioscope, bioscope is A musical instrument item it is work same as old one bioscope, u can see pictures inside of bioscope according to your choice like – All India Monuments, Cartoons, Worlds famous places, Wild animals, Beautiful birds etc (for ur picture requirement u can mail me otherwise mostly we perovide all india monuments pictures reel) And your pictures which u want to see inside of Bioscope Bioscope is a non-electric item it is played by key winding (same as gramophone) and u can listen to the songs in bioscope old songs of the 70s because there is an arrangement of old instrument gramophone that plays old record songs And you can enjoy video also by using your tab or phone inside of bioscope ( we make arrangement inside of bioscope for device installation tab or ph will be yours) u have to use small speakers also for the sound of video which is compatible of your device And u can see pictures also in ur tab or ph inside of bioscope Quality will be good Easy to maintain Easy to use with full of enjoyment Bioscope size is L. 32.”, B 20.”, H 18 “, Withstand height will b 3 feet Bioscope will withstand.
Get bioscope for rent in Delhi and gurgaon. We provide bioscope for birthday parties and corporate events. Feel free to contact us for any query.
Bioscope (new antique finish ) it is completely in good working condition u can see pictures inside of bioscope and hear the songs also it is wooden made good quality good sound u can see pictures inside of bioscope according to IR choice like monuments worlds famous places wild animals actors etc for more, please.
Bioscope Wala new delhi, Wedding Carnival Theme Stall delhi Noida Faridabad

Rent Bioscope for birthday parties and corporate events
Bioscope for birthday parties and corporate events
Bioscope- a small movie theatre, just perfect for your little one. We give you this bios-cope for the events and birthday parties as it’s the best source of entertainment for kids and guests. Have fun with bios-cope in your events or party or family gatherings. You can watch movies, songs, movie clips and do lots more. Everyone these days be it kids or adults enjoy the bios-cope show. You can watch different clips or songs or movies in a bios-cope.

If you are planning to show your loved one a short loving movie for his birthday then this is the right option! Show your kid some photos worth remembering on his or her special occasion through a Bioscope. The kids will surely be engaged throughout the party with this Bios-cope.

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We have a good quality of Gramophones in this bioscope. New Made Antique Finish Bioscope available.
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