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Want to conduct your wedding at an exotic location?

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

  1. Save Money!
    Stay within your budget and get the Wedding / Event of your dreams.
  2. Save Time!
    A Wedding takes a huge amount of time to plan. This can totally disrupt your normal lifestyle. Imagine spending all your time booking vendors, analyzing contracts, and juggling venues, entertainers, sound and light and every single detail – just so that the final event is unforgettable on that one special day.
  3. Relax!
    Why should you choose us as your wedding planner in Pune? Well, we let you relax while we take care of all your requirements taking into account even the minutest details. We make the phone calls, meet with vendors, do all the running around that you were going to do. We keep you informed of everything, ensuring your total peace of mind. Most importantly, on the day of the event, J&R Events (Your Wedding Event Planners in Pune) together with our team of professionals ensures a seamless, hassle-free Wedding.

You can then relax and enjoy the occasion as if you were a guest yourself.

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