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Why do we need Emcees or Wedding Anchors?

Why do we need Emcees or Wedding Anchors?
Why do we need Emcees or Wedding Anchors-
Since your wedding day is approaching and so many preparations need to be done, so many vendors yet to be approached and finalized. And, between all that, your spouse demanded to have an Emcee. Now, you feel stuck as you are thinking about whether to have one or not because you don’t find having an emcee essential at your wedding.

Are you stuck in all these thoughts?

Yeah, we very well understand your concern, of course having an emcee will cost you money, and there is no doubt about it. But, but having an emcee can take your wedding to the next level, to a different level altogether. You believe it or not but half of your wedding pressure will be shared by your emcee.

Here we go! Lets’ start with the background of Emcee and know-how this term came into existence.

History of an Emcee or an Anchor:
A master of ceremonies or MC, or Compere, or Anchor is a person-in-charge or the official host of a ceremony, staged event, weddings or similar performances. The term was coined earliest in the Catholic Church since the 5th century. In Catholic Church, the Master of Ceremonies was and still is an official of the Papal Court, whose responsibility is to conduct the elegant and elaborate rituals involving the Pope and the sacred liturgy in the most proper and smooth way.

More often than not, the master of ceremonies also refers to the protocol officer during an official state function, specifically in the monarchies.

Today, the term is often used to indicate an anchor (for a male, or for a female), whose job is to handle the complete flow of the event, to present performers, speaks to the audience, entertain people and generally keeping an event moving. Mostly, all these usage occurs in the entertainment industry, like television game show hosts, live music concerts, also in contemporary hip hop and electronic dance music culture.

Wedding Industry and role of an Anchor:
Wedding today is no less than any entertainment, patterns and styles have changed to a great extent. Today a wedding is not a simple ritual in which two people getting wed-licked for their lifetime. In fact, weddings are taken to different levels now. People want to celebrate their big day, unlike the old days when only a few rituals used to take place and then done. Couples want their weddings to be a fun-filled event for themselves and for all their guests.

Couple want to have all the entertainment at their weddings these days and entertainment options at the wedding are unlimited today. Entertainment options in a wedding event are not just limited to the Music, DJ, and live artist’s performances. There is one more thing, one more aspect which pulls all these acts together, and that is the Master of Ceremony (MC) or anchor. Today couples are hiring anchors for their wedding so that they can freely enjoy their wedding because if an anchor is there at the wedding then definitely she can be a person-in-charge of the entire wedding.

Why Anchors are needed at a wedding:
We all know that our weddings are once in a lifetime event. Some expenses may seem additional but believe you me, anchors are not only great hosts but also they can be a great help for the couples who are getting married. Emcees are real masters of the ceremonies, they are trained to their cores to take care of any event. To make your wedding a wonderful event, having an emcee can be a great idea which you will definitely not regret at all.

MCs are trained enough in their jobs and they can easily interact with the audience or the attendees at the wedding in a friendly way. Besides, taking care of guests, and MC also takes care of the flow of the event at the wedding. For instance, if there’s anything interesting happening or going to happen like a game or a dance performance of the couple at the wedding event, the anchor will tell about it to the guest. Most of your pressure of handling guests will be shared by your Emcee. Isn’t it a great idea all in all??

Most importantly, when your guests start to feel bored and sleepy, your anchor can keep up the entertainment quotient just by playing games and doing certain playful activities, just to keep the audience engaged and enthusiastic in the wedding. Today, having an MC at the wedding is of great importance to take care of all the wedding ceremonies in and out.

Furthermore, if yours is a destination wedding than having an MC for your wedding is a must. Already at different land, far from your home, you and your family will teem with several other tasks. And, taking care of your guests and their needs in between all those hassles, sometimes becomes difficult. You as a couple should understand that it is your wedding and you need to enjoy it fully and completely to make it a memory for the lifetime. If you will be busy hosting people than enjoyment will be left behind which is not a nice sign….. I believe you as a host do not simply need to do anything, in fact, having an anchor gives you the privilege to just map out all the wedding schedule, and leave it all to your anchor. They are experts in that!! Trust them… ☺ ☺

To pan out,
Traditionally, in the context of a comedy club, the role of MC is filled by a “compère”. These comperes were basically a host of the evening’s events, but the precise role and responsibilities used to vary depending on the venue, style of the event and the country. But today, their role in not just limited to comedy shows or church, they are doing far more than that. Gradually MCs are becoming an integral part of the events.

Gone are the days when events were taken care by the people in the group, now everything has become more professional and people are readily spending money to add that professionalism and charm to their events and wedding is one such event now. For some, spending on MC would be an extra expense in a wedding, but trust they are perfect to incorporate that extra element, that dazzle to your wedding that you will remember forever in your life. They have a great sense of place and community, they are trained in interacting with the audience, they know the art of dealing with any hecklers, and are masters in encouraging people to focus and keep them entertained.

Their role is vast in a wedding too, besides taking care of the audience they take care of the entire stage schedule along with making announcements, they will keep your guests engaged. Try having an anchor at your wedding and you and your friends will know the difference. There will be a smooth functioning and free-flow of events at your wedding all in all.
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