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Delhi Events is the leading event management company based in Delhi, India. We have witnessed the need for professional help of wedding planners and came up with a business idea. Ever since our inception, we have grown as an experienced team with zeal to contribute to the success of wedding or events related to it.

At Delhi Events, we believe that every couple should experience the memorable D-Day. Every match is made in heaven, but, making them feel special is our prime objective. Unlike the traditional exchange of vows, rings and other few ceremonies, wedding event management aims at comprehensive outlook. With the help of our experts, we execute strategically planned projects with customized preferences. Our event management services are tailored according to the varied needs of clients.

Why Choose delhi Wedding Event Management Company?
We believe in turning special ceremonies and gathering of wedding exclusive with a planned approach. Forget anxiety, enjoy your D-Day, let’s handle all the preparations for the wedding! At Delhi Events, we are known for adding elegance in the decoration of the wedding venue and take care of all the facilities. Our team of wedding planners is very flexible in the approach to incorporate the suggestions of the customers. Be it a lavish grand affair, family gathering, traditional wedding or any other preferences, we strive to offer customized wedding arrangements.

Our swift response and timely execution of projects at Delhi Events have made us reliable event management companies across the nation. Our wedding event management services are beyond the expectations of customers along with our unique inputs. Communicate with our professionals to make the auspicious day of your life fabulous.

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Moving ahead in the race of sports event management company in Delhi
Team building is one of the basic reasons behind organizing sports events for employees. But, managing the arrangements of these events is very systematic. Countrywide Events is an event management company that focuses on client’s requisites related to organizing of sports events.

We are among the top sports event management company in Delhi which specialize in customizing themed events for various businesses. Without missing any detail, our professionals identify the best plan according to the vision of the company. We line up activities which ultimately boost the morale, motivate and cheer employees. Every project which is undertaken by Delhi is conceptualized, planned and executed with precision.

We believe in infusing joy among the employees of a company by visualizing engaging sports activities. The participants can see positive spirit rising in their approach while taking a part in these sports events. Countrywide Events has added a vast expertise into modern ways of team building. This has made us the versatile service provider among all the sports event management company in Delhi. Clients can witness a totally different experience by availing our services as we offer total event management at one place.

Following are the services offered by Delhi for sports events to clients:
Event management, designing, planning & execution: We offer you a wide range of services where our professionals take care of all the tasks related to event planning. Delhi is known for its multitasking wherein, organizing, planning, visualizing and execution are handled altogether under one roof. Corporate sports program visualization, implementation and management: Our team consists of proactive individuals who contribute to the implementation of a sports program with their active role. Delhi takes brief about the vision of the client initially and the rest of the work is handled by our in-house team.

We execute the project after planning and managing all the arrangements of sports events. Accommodation & stay: We help the users choose the best accommodation and stay prospects while they participate in social or sports events. Flight Booking & Ticket Management: Traveling smoothly is a factor which people want to experience throughout the schedule of sports events. We ensure flight booking and ticket management are easily handled. We have often regarded as one of the leading sports event management company in Delhi by our previous clients.
Apart from this, we come up with creative ideas for sports events depending on the customized needs of clients. Delhi is joining the league of top conference organisers in Delhi
Considering the increased competition to stay ahead in the market, it has become important to organize seminar & conference. The purpose of these corporate events may be diverse, but finding the venue is a supreme concern. This is where the role of conference organisers in Delhi becomes prominent as they have to take care of organizing and execution part. Since the companies require assistance in organizing, planning and execution of seminars & conferences. Countrywide Events is the best place to be at when it comes to finding a suitable venue for corporate events, especially, seminars & conferences. We are a team of event managers and conference organizers that delivers the extraordinary outcome.

Meet experienced conference organizers in India at Delhi
We offer a comprehensive range of services that makes setup of conference & seminar possible under one roof. Our prime vision is to incorporate the ideas of clients in our strategy further forming the pragmatic solution. At Delhi, we have highly skilled conference organizers who can deal with all types of tasks to attain the goal of the client. Being listed as one of the trusted conference organisers in India, we have lived up to the expectations of our clients. At times, we have contributed to the output beyond their expectations. We offer high-end technology and advanced facilities like lighting system, production set-up and rich quality audio for the arrangements of the conference & seminar.

With a vast experience, the Delhi team has got exposure by working with different businesses. We have associated ourselves with them closely and empowered them through corporate excellence. Among the top conference management companies, Countrywide Events has focused on the needs of businesses and worked harmoniously to fulfil the same. We cooperate with the clients entirely to align all the tasks according to their business plan. Our talented professionals understand their role clearly and communicate with their staff members to bring forth flawless results.

Seminar organizers in Delhi are changing the game of conference & seminar
All the intricate dynamics and information related to client’s seminar are controlled and monitored by our logistics management team. Delhi gives priority to the business vision of clients and thus, it seeks all the inputs from them to retain all the details in the work. Ever since our inception, we have created several success stories of seminars & conferences. Our consistent performance of the team has made us one of the leading seminar organisers in Delhi. Countrywide Events strives to offer a wide range of conference management services according to the business requisites of the clients.

We emphasize on the coordination with all the segments involved in conferences & seminars like food, décor, visualization, etc. All these services are offered by Delhi at an affordable cost by giving special attention to high-end facilities like:
Microphones/podiums Video/Photography Venue Selection/ Themes Anchor arrangement Seating Pattern Catering/Decorations Production Materials
All the responsibilities which are offered by conference management companies can be availed from Delhi under one roof.