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Delhi Dance & Wedding Choreography is a choreography institute based in Rohini, North Delhi. They are one of the popular choreography services for wedding-related events and ceremonies to ensure that you get your moves right for your ultimate wedding dance performance. The team comprises professional dancers and choreographers who can turn all the stones to ensure that they make you dance like never before. They are stocked up to train you in any kind of dance genre that you want to perform on.

Services Offered

Delhi Dance & Wedding Choreography has a team of experts who make you comfortable and relaxed in the setting and teach you the moves according to your personality and level of skill. They let you choose from a number of genres which incorporate Bollywood, Punjabi, Club music or salsa and prepare your performance on the songs of your choice. They also mix the tracks for you so that you have the perfect song for your perfect event.

Delhi Dance & Wedding Choreography offers a plethora of services for all wedding choreographies for you to pick as per your choice and requirements. These services include the following:

Choreography for friends and family
Choreography for the couple
Song selection
Track mixing
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Delhi Event Choreography also offers their dance services for many occasions including wedding functions. They are ready to travel outstation as well to provide you with these services and add the fun and exciting element in the ceremonies. Some of them are:

Bride and groom’s special couple performance
Couple dance choreography for all the couples
Solo, duet, trio and group performances for all the family members & friends.
Song selection
Track mixing
Props for performance
Background dancers if needed with additional charges
Story-based themed performances with anchoring
Stage management on the performance day if needed
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  • Bride and groom couple dance
  • Solo dance performance
  • Multiple couples together
  • Girls only group dancing
  • Boys only group dancing
  • Girls and boys mixed dance groups
  • Parents, aunts and uncles combined dance performances
  • Grandparents couple dancing
  • Lead Couple’s Dance – The bride and groom are the main focus and our choreography is centred around making the couple look elegant.
  • Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Friends and Grand-parents – Complete family dance choreography
  • Professional dance troupe by Delhi Dance Academy to provide dance backdrops or to fill up the stage or assist with your dance performance.