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Any event whether it is a marriage or a party or any other occasion when any person invites his friends and family for celebration is not complete without the food and beverage. Most of the people tend to forget the event after some years, but they do not forget the taste of food and beverage year after year. This is the importance of the food and beverage at any wedding which is organized and is outsourced to the caterers.

In India or most importantly in the Rajasthan state, it is an old tradition that the parents of the bride organize the complete wedding and decide the caterer and the food menu. We as a wedding planner, try to take the stress of the wedding from the hosts who are organizing everything. Our caterers are very well recognized for their tasty food and the variety in the food and beverage menu.

Our company,, is based in delhi and we cater to every whim of our client to make the best day of bridal couple’s life a memorable event which they will remember all their life.

We help you to decide the type of food menu, eating arrangements such as buffet or traditional arrangements where the guests sit in a line at table and chair and eat food. As Indian cuisine is diverse and extensive, we customize the menu as per the client’s tastes and preferences. The type of menu includes traditional Rajasthan dishes, completely western or a mish mash of traditional dishes and other favorite items of the bridal couple.

We provide every service regarding the breakfast, lunch and dinner. All our client has to do is to provide a list of his favorite food menu during the negotiation and provide the complete information regarding the number of guests expected during the meal time and their preferences to our company.

wedding Styling
The wedding and various ceremonies of wedding are the special moments for the bride and the other ladies in the house. To celebrate this special moment and the day, we hire a special make-up artist and beauty parlor lady to make the bride most beautiful woman in the world for that special moment in her life. We also help to beautify the ladies who are the members of both families of the bridal couple. The make-up artists and the beauty parlor ladies helps to beautify the ladies which is suitable for various ceremonies which continues for several days. These services includes the application of beauty products , hair products and styling of the hairs in different types which will look beautiful in the ceremony, In addition to that, the beauty expert also helps the bride to drape the saree. If required, she also provides help to the guests for these services. Our beauty expert also provides the special hair jade which is required by the South Indian brides.

Although, our company is based in delhi, Rajasthan, we provide beauty experts as per the type of wedding ceremonies such as Rajasthani, North Indian, South Indian, Western ceremonies etc.

Beauty preparations are an important part of wedding preparation. Most of the people, who are organizing their children’s weddings, do not have idea about how to find the best beauty expert for the occasion and they take tension about this issue. But our company as a wedding planner has lot of contacts which we utilize for our client’s benefits. All you have to do is to decide the number of ladies in the family or the guests who require this facility and your budget to our executives. We will handle everything else for your benefit and make sure that everything is on schedule.Our Vision

To serve Government & Non-Government organizations by means of our world class event management service.
To constantly deliver quality services by means of our creativity, innovation and efficient use of technology

Who We Are

One of the Best Event Management Companies in delhi, Rajasthan
delhi Events is the best wedding planner in delhi, rajasthan, we will help you to live those memories forever…with full zest and zeal. We strive for a curve on our clients face which improves their face value, in return it boost our morale to serve our best for any event, concerts, exhibitions or business event.

The most profitable aspect of this field is the need for creativity which has no definite boundaries. Because of we are the best event managment company and wedding planner in delhi, rajasthan. So appointing an event management company will certainly execute your event in a flawless manner.

We believe in true wodelhi manship and in quality wodelhi, delhi Events has a professional team of skilled event managers. It is full-fledged wodelhishop with innovative ideas. we always wodelhi for your dream wedding.

delhi Events will wodelhi to turn dream event into a reality while wodelhiing within your estimate. To become the foremost provider of event management solutions in India, by means of our team delhi, professionalism, well maintained infrastructure and quality management practices.

Marriage is regarded as the most important social as well as religious event in Indian culture. The concept of marriage can be traced back to Vedic times. Even now, it is considered to be the most sacred and vital affair in one’s life. An Indian wedding, as known to everybody, is extremely elaborate and intricate affair. The wedding related rituals begin days before the wedding ceremony in forms of pre-wedding rituals. One of the most important pre-wedding rituals amongst them is the Engagement Ritual. Though most of the people believe that this trend of ‘engagement ceremony’ came from the west but if you look deep in to the Indian traditions, the engagement ceremonies exist in one form or the other in different communities of India from a long time. It is known as misri, ring ceremony, aashirwad, and mangni in different Indian communities.

Engagement ceremony is almost celebrated in the same manner in almost all the religions except for certain variations according to their community and family rituals. Generally, the engagement ceremony is organized at the bride’s place or some banquet hall. The family and relative of bride and groom gather to celebrate the first formal party of the forth coming wedding ceremony. Both the families exchange gifts, sweets and good wishes. A formal ring ceremony is then done to solemnize the engagement ceremony. The prospective bride and groom are then introduced to each other’s family. A lunch or a dinner (depending up on the time of function) is organized for all the family members and guests present at the ceremony.In some castes (Hindu social groups), members of the groom’s extended family – including father, brothers, older relatives, and close friends – will visit the bride’s house. In other castes, the practice is reversed, with members of the bride’s family visiting the groom’s house. During a sagaai, the bride’s eldest brother or father places a tilak (a red madelhi) on the forehead of the groom, and presents him with a coconut, a gold ring or coin, and some other ornaments, depending on the financial status of the bride’s family. Gifts for other members of the groom’s family may also be presented. The groom’s family then presents the bride’s family with gifts. These include garments, jewellery, and cosmetics. They must include mehandi (henna), glass bangles, hair oil, and a comb. Traditionally, unmarried females were not supposed to use cosmetics, so this gift symbolises the bride’s graduation into womanhood. Once the marriage date is determined, a formal wedding invitation is sent to the grandparents of the bride and groom. It is then distributed to the rest of the extended family and friends.

Mehendi is considered to be an ancient Indian body art. It is used in creating elaborate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body; traditionally mehendi was applied on the hands and feet of Indian bride and women preparing for special festive ceremonies. Today men are finding it a nice alternative to permanent tattoos. But now both men and women enjoy the temporary tattoo. The art of applying henna in this manner is called Mehendi, it is an ancient ritual and art form No Indian wedding is ever complete without the mehendi ceremony. The ritual of mehendi is followed in every part of the country where the hands of the bride are adorned with the lovely red hue of the mehendi. Henna designs can be used as armlets, bracelets, anklets, and general designs on hands and feet. Various kinds of designs can be made depending on the occasion. In wedding ceremonies mostly traditional Indian designs are made on the hands of the bride. These traditional designs are elaborate and detail. Other than the ethnic and conventional designs for the bride you can opt for contemporary designs, which are sleek and fashionable. Today brides also opt for Arabic designs, ornamental designs and tattoo designs like necklace tattoos, navel tattoos and anklet tattoos.

Henna is a natural product. Its leaves are dried and grounded to make the henna powder. Since it is a natural product, there are no known side effects. It usually takes many hours to get a good henna stain on the skin, and that stain is quite harmless. The shade varies according to the quality of the henna powder. Your henna design should last at a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the thickness of the epidermis of your skin and on where the design is located. To have a good result leave the henna paste for eight hours and more. The longer the paste is kept on, the deadlier the design will be. The less exposed to water, soap or rubbing, the longer the designs will stay. For the wedding day try to go for simple and detailed designs on your hands and feet. The designs should not be overdone it should look pretty.