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Team Orange, one of the best event management companies in India based at New Delhi offers the following value-added services to its clients:

Celebrity management
As far as managing celebrities is concerned (for appearance as well as performance), we have direct access to them and their managers – be it Bollywood actors, playback singers, cricketers or politicians. We manage celebrities for government events, corporate events, entertainment events, sports events, school & college events, fashion & lifestyle events, personal events, weddings and political rallies as well.
Besides celebrity actors, singers, cricketers, political bigwigs, we also manage celebrity anchors / emcees, DJs, Indi-pop bands, Punjabi singers, folk artists (singers and dancers), classical singers, classical dancers, ghazal singers, sufi singers, qawwals and reality show / talent hunt performers.

Artist management
When it comes to artists for entertainment, we have the top performers on our list. Be it bands, dance troupes, international artists, Moulin Rouge dancers, Russian belly dancers, mujra dancers, singers, musicians, female DJs, female bartenders, table hostesses, fire eaters, fire jugglers, fire dancers etc.

Event Marketing
Event microsite with online registration and payment gateway integration; event PR (print, TV & online media); event collateral (content, design, production); event advertising (outdoor, print, radio); digital marketing etc.

Event production / fabrication
We specialize in fabricating stage set-ups, ramps for fashion shows, event props, backdrop, banners/standees, sets for TV award shows, sets for TV reality shows, sets for TV talk shows, sets for weddings, sets for stadium events and sets for film shoots.

Event venues
Team Orange suggests the best venues to its clients, ones that match their requirements as well as the budget!

Delegate management
We manage the target audience/delegates for paid and free events through our aggressive online outreach campaigns, PR campaigns and targeted database mailing with rigorous follow-ups.

Event Catering
Team Orange offers catering services for outdoor events. We have some of the best chefs who roll up their sleeves and create magic. They are experts at different traditional and international cuisines.

Tourist Activities
Heritage walks, photo walks, food walks, pub crawls, flea market visits, ethnic shopping tours, sightseeing etc.

Sound & light / AV equipment
We have an exhaustive inventory of the best in sound and light / AV equipment with dedicated operators and technicians besides our own transport vehicles.

Corporate gifts/souvenirs
When it comes to corporate giveaways – customized / branded for events and exhibitions, we have the tie-ups for effective sourcing i.e. large quantities in a short span of time.

Event security & manpower
Be it hostesses for registrations and guest welcome, event volunteers, housekeeping staff, valet parking or heavy labour for event logistics, we manage everything for our clients on a turnkey basis.
One of the very important aspects of the success of the event is its security. Besides guards, we also provide bouncers /marshals and armed PSOs (personal security officers) for celebrity events. We also provide female guards for large format events.

Event streaming
We have an expert team for streaming the events live over the web. Lately, this service is in demand for weddings as well as relatives staying abroad who cannot make it to the wedding, prefer seeing it live on the net.
We create an event URL beforehand which can be circulated by the event host along with the start time of the event. Online visitors need to click open the URL at the scheduled time and watch the event live.

Liaison for licenses
We manage and procure all kind of licenses and permissions for events from various Government departments, authorities, municipal corporations etc. on client’s behalf.