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Tips and Tricks for organizing a Neon Theme Party:
A dark room with people hiding and waiting for the person to walk in and turn off the lights so that you can shout out wishes is something we have all done for our loved ones. And now it is time to move beyond the been there, done that.

As you gear up to host a birthday bash, let your loved one be surprised beyond imagination as they walk into a dark room with bright flashy shades of neon. Yes, we are indeed speaking of a neon themed party that you need to host.

Neon Theme Party

Your party cannot get much cooler than the neon party would flaunt. This would have everything ranging from a glow-in-the-dark party invitations, venue decorations, bright and colorful food to amazing neon themed outfits for a party and how can we forget the glittering glow sticks and the glow in the dark paints, which make the party all the more dramatic.

Here are a few tips and tricks to organize a spectacular and flawless neon theme birthday party.

Set the tone for your party by sending in a cool neon themed invite to all your guests. And hey, don’t forget to mention that you expect them to turn out wearing neon or white to enjoy a glowing and glittering time.

Here is how you can do it.

Neon Theme Party

Give a colorful touch to your birthday party by cutting out shapes of neon construction papers. You can fill in the party details on these shapes. Decorating the envelop with a glow stick or neon shade highlighters and stickers would also be a fun thing to do.

Glow Sticks:

Glow sticks are something you can start off with while planning the decorations for the neon theme birthday party. Glow sticks can be used in numerous ways, like on plates, utensils, pitchers and cups. Glow sticks can be tied together to make a wall-hanging, chandelier, etc., to create a dramatic effect.

Glow in the dark balloons for you neon theme party

Parties are incomplete without balloons, so make sure even the balloons match your theme. You can do this by placing a mini glow stick inside the balloons before filling it up with gas. You can also float these balloons in a pool of water and add to the beauty of the party venue.

Glow Jars:
Glow in the dark food and drinks for neon themed party

Getting these attractive and beautiful party luminaires is far easier than you thought it would be. A DIY tip to create a glow-in-the-dark jars is to paint (decorate with multiple dots) on the mason jars with the special glow-in-the dark paints and place (charge) it in the sun or under a bright lamp all day long, and turn out the lights when the party starts. Alternatively, you can cut the glow sticks and place them in the jars.

Placing glow-in-the-dark lasers across the venue would not just add to the ambience, but can also be helpful in separating the various party zones, without the guests hitting over the obstacle rods in the dark.

Try using tints of neon in banners, streamers, balloons and bottles to give a magical transformation to the birthday party venue.

Guest Accessories:
Glow in the dark, neon birthday party

Well, not all your guests would come dressed in neon shades and most would show up in white, so here are a few ways in which you can pep up the fun by helping the guests to match the theme.

Tattoo Booth:
Neon Theme Birthday Party

Paint your guests in joy and help them blend into the theme with special tattoo booths. If you think that hiring a tattoo artist might not fit within your budget, place the glow-in-the-dark paints at the counter and make it a DIY station for your guests and watch their creativity pour.

Light-Up Sunglasses:
Glow in the dark, neon birthday party

Paint sunglasses with glow-in-the-dark paint and hand it over to the guests as they enter the party venue. These would not just make for awesome outfits to be worn during the party, but can also be taking into account of party favors.

Neon Theme Birthday Party

Did you know that your highlighter can double up as a decor tool for the neon theme party that you have been planning to host? Well, most highlighters glow in the dark, so use them to paint the white tee-shirts/ dresses of your guests.

Neon Theme Party Paints

Add more fun to this amazing party with some exciting games that your guests would love. One such activity or game in which you can engage your guests is to ask them to make necklaces out of the neon colored beads and elastic strings. You can also ask them to decorate sunglass with gems, which they would have to wear during the party. Provide the guests with a supply of temporary tattoos, stick-on body gems, etc., which the guests would have to apply to their wrists, arms, and necks.

Food and Drinks:
Neon Theme Party

No party is ever complete without food, and while speaking of a birthday party how can one forget the cake? Well, don’t worry, we have tips that would help you serve food and would blend with the theme. The simplest thing to do would be to use neon food colors available over the counter to decorate your food servings.

Rainbow cake for Neon Theme Birthday Party

You can bake a multi-layer in the hues of a rainbow with each layer sporting a different food dye to make it colorful.

Glow in the dark candies and food for neon theme party

You can also serve bright colored candies and drinks in glow-in-the-dark painted glasses to match your neon theme.Bright neon colored spoons, forks, and plates are something that you cannot give a miss, if you wish to make the party a complete success. Place attractive LED lights around the food counters that would brighten up the venue in a fun manner.

Party Favors:
Party favors for Neon theme party

Let your guests cherish the memories of this fun and exciting neon theme birthday party for days to come, with the most attractive party favors. Here are a few party favor ideas that would not cost you a bomb.

Instant Print Photos:
Have a photo booth where the guests can get pictures clicked of themselves painted in neon. All that you would need is a printer and a few photos-sheets, hand it out to the guests as they leave. Everyone loves pictures and this would make sure they have a wonderful memory of not just themselves, but also of the party forever.

Favor Bags:
Neon Theme Party

Decorate or paint the plain party favor bags with hues of neons. If you have a little more to spare in terms of budget, opt for neon shade totes that your guests can flaunt around.

Handmade wall-hangings:
Tap your creative side and create tons of fun art projects with some brightly colored craft supplies.

Neon Theme Party

Hope the tips were helpful and you are all set to host the best neon theme party of your life. Leave us a comment if you liked what you read, or have any more interesting ideas to add to the theme.